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Hello everyone,

To start I'd like to say thank you to the 624 members who are apart of this group. Thank you for joining and allowing us to grow! We have a few updates to start! To begin with, we added a new folder for Efi from the Tweet @PlayOverwatch sent out and the link attatched it it (here:…) and will be adding a folder for Emily, Tracer's Girlfriend.

Another update, it seems as though a new hero is coming out soon! It is speculated to be Doomfist, and a possible new animated short is coming too! So, keep an eye on @PlayOverwatch for any and all updates on this! Lastly, C2E2 is coming up, and I am still trying to do a meetup of just people who love Overwatch. If you're interested and going, hit me up!

Well, the next comic that Blizzard has revealed is the Tracer 'Reflections' Comic. The short summary of the comic is that Tracer is looking to buy a present for someone, but finds the stores she goes to are either closed or someone else wants the gift she spotted for this special someone. Eventually she manages to get a hold of a gift and arrive to an apartment where the big reveal of the fact that Tracer is dating a girl named Emily comes into play and was searching for a present for her. She ends up opening the gift and finding it to be a scarf which she loves and kisses Tracer as a result. It then switches over to Winston who believes he'd be spending the holidays alone. He starts to celebrate himself, wondering what all the other agents are doing. Here we see many panels of the other heroes, a few being Ana and Soldier 76 reminiscing on old times, Sombra having out drank McCree which results in him being completely wasted, and a hint to the possibility of Genji/Mercy being a thing as it is shown Genji was writing letters to the doctor. After this Winston is alerted by Athena that someone is at the door. When he answers, it is Tracer, and Emily. He then allows them to come in after Tracer apologizes for being late, and they celebrate the holidays together.

Comic located here -…

Honestly, I was waiting for so long to learn who the character was that they confirmed was gay, and it is so sweet to know it was Tracer all along. It took me completely by surprise, I thought it was Hanzo or Zarya honestly. Well, what do you guys think of this news? Any comments? Discuss it down below!

-Emmy out
Hello everyone,

It's Emmy again. So it has been brought up to me by some friends that an expo is happening in Chicago known as C2E2 next year (this is mainly a comic and entertainment expo). I have decided once I scrounge up some money I will attend (I don't know the days yet) this expo. I will most likely have updates regarding it on my profile page, but the reason I am bringing this up is because for those of you in the area living near Illinois I believe it would be a great place to meet up and possibly do a few group pictures if we are all cosplaying something. As of right now I have ideas as to who I may go as which were in my latest journal on my page. Anyways, if you wish to be apart of this and meet up, let me know.

-Emmy Out
Hey everyone, it's update time again and boy oh boy do we have news.

So I'd like to start off apologizing for my absence, I have been busy with work and various other activities, but I will try to be on more frequently to run the group. So let's get into the juicy stuff now that we have that issue covered.

For starters, we have added a new folder due to a new additional hero that we've been waiting for since forever. Sombra has finally been released after ages of waiting and we have a new folder for her in place. So, go ahead and submit art for her to the 'Sombra' folder.

Secondly, I need to reiterate something. Remember that NSFW style artwork belongs in the 'XXX Folder', I have had numerous people submitting to the wrong folders when pertaining to this. As a result, I am not giving 2 warnings then you are out of the group, it is getting a bit out of hand.

Thirdly, I apologize to those who have submitted art and it was never added, the staff I have added have not been properly doing their jobs of adding artwork leaving it to fall onto me, as a result I will be keeping an eye on members and those I see helping out in the group will be possibly rewarded with a higher position, but only after I have spoken to them on several occasions.

That is all the updates I currently have on my mind, other than that enjoy your day!

-Emmy out
Note: I know this is late when I'm posting this, but oh well, I've been busy!

So, Blizzard has announced a while ago the teams for the Overwatch World Cup which will be happening at BlizzCon on Opening week which starts on October 29th, 2016. The following people will be playing for the following teams listed below for the AMERICAS(Note, the heroes listed below were as of the current time):

USA Flag by DekuVX TEAM USA USA Flag by DekuVX

:bulletred: Seagull (Team Captain)
               :bulletblack: Received a 57% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Genji, Hanzo, and Zarya

:bulletred: Ster
               :bulletblack: Received a 33% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Ana, Pharah, and Reinhardt

:bulletred: Talespin
               :bulletblack: Received a 31% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Mei, Tracer, and Roadhog

:bulletred: Adam
               :bulletblack: Received a 30% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Mercy, Zenyatta, and Lucio

:bulletred: Gods
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are McCree, Soldier 76, and Hanzo

:bulletred: MESR
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Soldier 76, McCree, Reinhardt

Canada by DekuVX TEAM CANADA Canada by DekuVX

:bulletred: Surefour (Team Captain)
               :bulletblack: Received a 44% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Pharah, McCree, and Tracer

:bulletred: Whiz
               :bulletblack: Received a 34% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Lucio, Mercy, and Zenyatta

:bulletred: Poke
               :bulletblack: Received a 32% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Genji, McCree, and Junkrat

:bulletred: iid
               :bulletblack: Received a 27% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Zarya, Reaper, and Pharah

:bulletred: LoganDaBest
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Roadhog, Mercy, and McCree

Brazil Flag Icon by Caitybee TEAM BRAZIL Brazil Flag Icon by Caitybee

:bulletred: BRKsEDU (Team Captain)
               :bulletblack: Received a 60% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Soldier 76, Lucio, and Zarya

:bulletred: ziG
               :bulletblack: Received a 40% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Ana, Mei, and

:bulletred: Flawz
               :bulletblack: Received a 31% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Reinhardt, Zarya, and Roadhog

:bulletred: Nextage
               :bulletblack: Received a 28% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Mei, Zarya, and Widowmaker

:bulletred: Soulive
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Widowmaker, McCree, and Genji

:bulletred: Insanityz
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Mercy, Soldier 76, and Lucio

Chile by DekuVX TEAM CHILE Chile by DekuVX

:bulletred: Vardoc (Team Captain)
               :bulletblack: Received a 61% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Lucio, Pharah, and Reinhardt

:bulletred: Roarscrach
               :bulletblack: Received a 13% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Zarya, Reinhardt, and Roadhog

:bulletred: Shal
               :bulletblack: Received a 5% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Genji, Reinhardt, and Junkrat

:bulletred: SIRPETTERNOW
               :bulletblack: Received a 5% vote
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Zarya, Reinhardt, and Roadhog

:bulletred: Blanco
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are Zenyatta, Lucio, and Reinhardt

:bulletred: yibraN
               :bulletblack: Captain's Pick
               :bulletblack: Top heroes played are McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog

The EUROPEAN teams and players along with APAC can be found here (I'm too lazy yo bullet point them sorry):…

Congratulations to the players who will be competing and I wish you all luck in winning! That's the only announcement for today, I'd also like to say thank you for 200+ members. You're all awesome and this community is amazing!

-Emmy Out

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